What is Switch Vodka?

We are a Low-Calorie Vodka Distillery, based in Colorado, and the premise behind our product is very simple.

Create an extra light vodka that tastes good and isn’t full of any junk that makes you feel bad.

Switch vodka was designed for people who truly care about what they put in their bodies. The types of people who don’t want to consume countless carbs drinking with friends after a day of healthy eating. Our gluten-free vodka has very low calories and great for making sub-100 calorie cocktails.

It would be inaccurate for any alcohol brand to make the claim their product won’t give you a hangover. But, with absolutely nothing artificial and no added sugars, let’s just say Switch vodka drinkers don’t hate mornings as much as people who drink other vodkas. We owe that to the way we distill our vodka.

Colorado Lifestyle in a Bottle

As Switch vodka is distilled in the beautiful state of Colorado, we’ve tried to incorporate everything we love about Colorado into our vodka. When we think of the Colorado lifestyle, we think of friendly, outdoorsy people, and a healthier, more laid-back way of life.

More Casual Than Business

When people talk about “business casual” here, we definitely put an emphasis on the “casual” part. Sure, we clean up nicely but don’t be surprised if we have a t-shirt under that button-up, shorts under our dress pants, or even a pair of Chacos on our feet. We can’t wait to rip off that tie and go enjoy the wonderful outdoor playground, with a little bit of vodka to take the edge off.

Low-Calorie Lifestyle

It’s no surprise that Colorado ranks as one of the healthiest states in the country, as people care about what they eat, drink, and do, to keep themselves healthy, active, and in good shape. When it comes to calories, we prefer to burn them than consume them. Our low-calorie vodka is a perfect fit for the Colorado lifestyle.

Vodka Light

From beer to soda to cigarettes, the ‘light’ products have become the best selling and most popular. As our society has grown and evolved over time, people have become more and more health-conscious and as a result, the light sectors of various markets have soared. We felt that the time was now for a ‘vodka light’ to enter the market and the idea for Switch was born.

Unique Packaging

Our tall glass bottles have 33% more volume than the other 750ml bottles on the shelf, at a similar price.


We believe in making a vodka that is clean and light. That’s why we made vodka with low calories, no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no sugar, and no “B.S. that makes you feel bad” –additives, preservatives, etc. Our real fruit extraction and vapor infusion in our distilling process, provide the most natural flavor profiles possible for an exceptional spirit & cocktail experience.

Average analysis per 1.5 fl oz:

  • 86 Calories
  • 3 g Carbs
  • 0 g Protein
  • 0 g Fat