Ahh, it’s summer. Long, hot, lazy days with a refreshing beverage in your hand. Summer cocktails are often a landmine of calories for those trying to drop those winter pounds. Dieters will be alarmed to discover that some of their summer drink choices do not fit their weight loss goals. Are you curious about which is the best alcohol for low calorie diet and some of the most diet-friendly cocktail options? Learn more about Switch vodka light.



When comparing alcohol, vodka takes first place as the most ‘diet-friendly’ drink. At just under ninety-eight calories per one-at-a-half-ounce serving, your average vodka contains fewer calories than many non-alcoholic drinks.

Jim Beam and other bourbons have between ninety-eight a hundred and twenty-five calories. Other whiskeys like scotch at between 110 and 150 compared with Irish whiskey at just under a hundred to twenty. Rye whiskey varies between a hundred and five and a hundred and twenty calories. Whiskeys—depending on how they are fermented and the grains used, contain up to a gram of carbs. Although fat-free and ninety-nine to ninety-eight calories per one-at-a-half-ounce serving, rum contains between four and five grams of carbs. Light beers and wines have between three and four grams of carbs, often touted as a good choice for weight watchers. A small glass of wine contains between 125 and 130 calories.

When selecting your favorite twelve-ounce serving of beer, dieters must be wary of calories and carbs. Anchor Steam contains almost 160 calories and 5 grams of carbs. Anheuser-Bush Ice Pale Lager tips in at over 170 calories and practically six carbs. Colt .45 has 145 calories and nearly six carbs. Foster’s Premium Ale and Molson Ice weigh almost 160 calories and 5.6 carbs. Sam Adams Boston Lager is 180 calories and just under 5 carbs. However, its calorie content pales compared to Sierra Nevada Big Foot at 360 calories and almost ten carbs.

Not only does vodka have fewer calories. For weight-conscious, it contains low carbs. This is important for dieters who are on a low-calorie diet like the Paleo diet. You may think you are avoiding calorie-laden summer cocktails by drinking your favorite beverage straight up or on the rocks. While some of that may be true, there are no guarantees.

Consider this:

  • Pedro Ximenez Sherry contains 320 calories.
  • Samuel Adams Triple Bock is 340 calories.
  • Mulled wine has 400 calories and lots of carbs.

The mix is often a significant calorie contributor when it comes to calories. Medline warns drinks mixed with soda, juice, cream, or ice cream can have high-calorie counts. For example, even though a white Russian contains low-calorie vodka, it is 500 calories and high in carbs due to the cream mixer. Hot buttered rum is almost 300 calories and high in carbs. Coffee liqueur is 160 calories. A Piña Colada is over 525 calories. Margaritas start at five hundred and fifty calories, and Daiquiris are at least six hundred calories. A chocolate martini is over 4200 calories!



Switch Vodka Light’s competitive advantage is that it contains even fewer calories than other vodkas. Add to that the fact that Switch is also all-natural. There’s nothing artificial in Switch. Our vodka is low in carbs. It’s gluten-free and contains no sugar. So if you are striving for weight loss, Switch is your healthiest alcohol choice.

Switch’s delicious, naturally-flavored Pomegranate Lemongrass and Peach Basil contain only 86 calories per one-at-a-half-ounce serving, and our unflavored drink contains only 83 calories per one-at-a-half-ounce serving.

Compare this to nutritious but calorie-laden, non-alcoholic beverages. warns that those refreshing iced coffees and supposedly healthy iced fruit drinks clock in at between three hundred and sixty and five hundred calories a small serving. Time writer Laura Blue points out that while fruit juices may have many nutrients, they are not the ideal drink for those wanting to lose weight. Both sugary sodas and fruit juices contain over a hundred calories per eight-ounce serving. They also have between twenty and thirty grams of sugar. A cup of lemonade contains almost a hundred calories and nearly twenty-six grams of carbs. An eight-ounce glass of iced tea has a cup of sweetened tea at eighty calories. Every teaspoonful of sugar added adds sixteen calories!



Let’s face it. Weight loss comes with giving up many of your favorite foods and beverages. But you need not give up the pleasure of sipping summer cocktails on the patio with friends. We can make some intelligent weight loss choices by being more conscious of what we are drinking, and Switch Vodka makes it easy.

  • Try creating vodka drinks using Switch Vodka Light instead of the already low-calorie regular vodka. This will cut your calories from under a hundred to eighty-three to eighty-six.
  • Next, try Switch’s calorie-conscious cocktails like the refreshing Peach Basil Lemonade.
  • Try Switch’s version of Arnold Palmer’s drink.
  • Another delicious low-cal Switch creation is the Vodka Cranberry cocktail. Make this as a single serving using Switch Peach Basil Vodka Light. Or, create a punch bowl full of this diet-friendly drink for sharing.
  • “Wow” your friends say by serving this Watermelon Vodka drink using Switch Vodka Light Spirit Drink. Serve it in the watermelon shell.
  • Whether you like your martinis clean or dirty, substitute Switch, Vodka Light Spirit, or Drink for regular vodka and cut your calories by over a third. Use your traditional vodka martini cocktail, or try this vodka martini.
  • If you’re ready to strike out on your own, tinker with recipes like the cranberry mojito. Instead of rum, we substituted unflavored Switch Vodka. Then, we switched to honey, using Splenda for sweetness. The sky is the limit once you get started!

You will amaze your friends when you arrive with your pre-mixed low-calorie Switch Vodka Light summer cocktails.