Vodkas – or all alcohol in general – can be expensive. We’ve all been to the liquor store and seen the $1,400 bottles, right? Unless you’ve got cash literally flowing out of your pockets, that purchase doesn’t make much sense.

Sure, price certainly plays a factor when deciding which vodka to cheers to that night. And there’s a fine line between being a smart shopper and being cheap.

Generally, the cheapest vodkas are going to be the lowest quality – bad flavor, terrible hangovers – the types of things we all associate with cheap vodka from our college days. Cheap vodkas are typically full of additives and or artificial ingredients to mask the below-par flavor – these additives also contribute to even worse hangovers.

That being said, overpaying for vodka can be a mistake as well. Vodka can get wildly expensive, and sometimes, the vodka just isn’t worth it. There are few things more annoying than overpaying for a product that doesn’t quite satisfy. What you want is a vodka that doesn’t break the bank, but is also of the highest quality.

Aiming to be the best vodka for the price is one of the reasons we have created Switch Vodka. Our light, low-calorie vodka made with all-natural ingredients is of the highest quality and at a price point you’ll be happy with.

Best Vodka For The Price


Actually, all vodkas – and all spirits for that matter – are made using relatively similar fermentation and distillation processes. But the measurements, timing, temperature – these important factors differ among distillers.

Vodka, by definition, is an odorless, flavorless, and clear spirit. This is because of the distillation process – the goal is to create a strong drink without taste or aroma. This can be changed by adding flavors during or after the process to make flavored vodkas – such as the Peach Basil Switch Vodka.

Different vodkas go through different distillations – some are only distilled once, others are distilled several times. This changes the quality of the product. Some distillers say that the more a vodka is distilled, the better the quality will be. This is partially true.

At Switch Vodka, we use a unique, modern approach to distillation – the iStill. The iStill is a technological marvel in the world of spirit making. As opposed to the more traditional way of making vodka, iStill gives the makers of Switch Vodka precise control over every aspect of distillation.

The automation of the iStill allows for perfect timing, temperature, and measurements during every part of the distillation process. It’s through this exceptional tool that our unparalleled vodka achieves near-perfect flavor time and time again.

Other vodkas produced using traditional methods have much less control over every aspect of distillation. This can create an inconsistent, poor product. With Switch, you know you’re getting the best vodka for the price possible every time you pour a drink.


Drinking too much alcohol – no matter the kind – will inevitably give you a hangover. But not all hangovers are created equal. Switch Vodka is a light, low-calorie vodka made for the active and adventurous. Because of its light nature, the hangovers from Switch aren’t going to be the “can’t get out of bed” type.

This is because there are no added sugars or artificial flavorings in our vodka. Switch Vodka is sugar-free, gluten-free, and boasts all-natural ingredients. Many other vodkas are made using the exact opposite – sugar, gluten, and artificial ingredients. This contributes to the severity of your hangovers.

What you’re drinking with your vodka affects your hangover as well. If you buy a low-quality vodka that lacks a crisp, refreshing flavor you’re more likely to use some mixers. Most mixers will contain a high amount of sugars – this will make your hangover worse. By choosing Switch – a great tasting vodka – you can decrease the amount of mixer you use, or even ditch them on the whole.

No one likes a hangover. Nausea, anxiety, headaches – Switch Vodka is your best bet at avoiding them altogether.


Let’s just stick with this topic for a minute. When you’re out looking for the best quality vodka for the price, don’t forget that too much of anything causes a hangover.

Here are two key reasons why more expensive vodka is likely to give you less of a hangover:

  1. You drink more with cheap vodka because, why not? It’s cheap!
  2. You limit yourself with the pricey stuff because you don’t want to not remember drinking something that cost that much.

Does that mean that the cheap stuff is just as good for you as top-notch? Well, it’s cheap for a reason. Anything low quality is going to have more in it that you don’t want in your body. If part of your hangover is made up of regret, don’t add to it with your choice of beverage.

Best Quality Vodka for the Price


Here’s the other thing – how are you drinking your vodka? Are you looking for the best vodka to drink straight, or are you in more of a cocktail mood?

Either way, the good news is that you don’t need to hit a high or a low price point for either one of those goals. Just think about it for a second, if you’re shooting it down like there’s no tomorrow, is it a good idea to have a wallet-destroying spirit in the glass? You’re only tasting it for a second (or an eternity, if you’re living dangerously with the rough stuff), so you’ll just end up trading aftertaste with the bitter flavor of regret over how much you just spent.

But putting the glass in the other hand for a minute, what if you’re having friends over to show off your cocktail skills. You’ve got the limes cleaned, the glassware laid out, and you’re shaking it up in your best impression of one of Tom Cruise’s strangest roles. Are you really going to risk all that fanfare on a plastic bottle that belongs in the dumpster behind a frat house? Of course not!

Clean vodka is the best you can go with. Most people won’t know (or, frankly, care) how much you spent when buying it, so go for what’s going to taste the best.

On that note, here are some vodka recipes worth trying out:

So remember, “best vodka by price” means middle ground that checks all the boxes for the particular situation you just happen to find yourself in.


Did we mention that Switch is a “Vodka Light?” Well, it’s a point worth reiterating. Our Colorado-based distillers know what life in Colorado is all about. Coloradoans are the healthy, active, and adventurous type – so we created a vodka that matches that lifestyle.

Most vodkas contain around 96 calories per 1.5 fluid ounce. Our Switch Vodka contains only 86 calories in the same amount. You’ll find that most vodkas come in 750mL bottles – this is equal to roughly 25 fluid ounces. So, when comparing vodkas, you’re avoiding over 250 calories by choosing Switch Vodka.

So not only are you drinking a vodka that won’t ruin your tomorrow, but you’re also drinking one that won’t ruin your health.


Generally speaking, you’ll find vodka and other spirits in a 750mL bottle. Our tall bottles hold one liter of Switch – a full 33% more than other bottles at a very similar price point.

We really don’t believe that a quality vodka should cost an arm and a leg to get into your glass. The best vodka brands for the price shouldn’t be a tradeoff between expensive and good vs affordable and bad. If that’s the choice you’ve been believing you have to live with, then cheers to the new you!

Best Vodka Brands For The Price


The best vodka for the price is Switch. You can find our high-quality, low-calorie vodka for $29.99 for a whole liter. With other vodkas, you’re getting less volume of a lower-quality product – and you might even be paying more.

With Switch you’ll be avoiding hangovers and staying healthy – there’s no better way to emulate the Colorado vibe.

Our vodka comes in three flavors – Light (unflavored), Peach Basil, and Pomegranate Lemongrass. All possess a crisp and refreshing flavor and are made without any added sugars.

For more information, check out our homepage. If you’ve been convinced to give our amazing vodka a try, use this tool to find out where you can buy Switch near you. You can also try out Switch at our tasting room in Littleton and get a chance to see how our vodka is perfected up close.