In our current digital age, consumers are accustomed to ordering things online. From groceries to an array of household items, we can have a whole array of items delivered to our doors within days, hours, or even minutes. What if we told you that you can now order alcohol directly to your door in an hour or less the same way you would a pizza?

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Most states in the US allow consumers to purchase alcohol online as long as they have proof of age. Whether it’s a pack of your favorite craft beer, an inviting bottle of wine, or a refreshing light vodka, you can now have it delivered straight to your door. You won’t have to worry about running out of your favorite beverage ever again. All you have to do is find an alcohol delivery service, such as Drizly and Argonaut Wine & Liquor, that carries your 52eighty beverage of choice or Switch Vodka.

Soon, you can buy alcohol online straight through our website.


Alcohol beverages, like Switch Vodka, can be delivered to your door thanks to the possibility of eCommerce alcohol sales through Speakeasy (available soon on our website). There are many things that make our vodka stand out from other spirits. Besides being light, crisp, and refreshing, Switch Vodka is free of artificial additives and carries lower levels of ABV (the attribute responsible for hangovers). You won’t have to worry about the dreaded headache the day after.

Switch Vodka takes a modern approach to its distillation process by using the iStill process. This approach uses intelligent automation and allows a near-perfect level of consistency within each bottle of our high-quality vodka. Flavors including Peach Basil, Light Spirit, and Pomegranate Lemongrass can be ordered directly to your home.

buy alcohol online


Hearthstone Whiskey is an American Whiskey distilled in Littleton, Colorado that is a blend of Irish Whiskey and Rye Whiskey. It carries light hints of toasted oak and vanilla and has a sweet fragrance. Another noteworthy bottle of whiskey is our very own Cackler’s Whiskey which has a strong palette of sweet honey and rye. The blend of traditional and rye bourbon gives Cackler’s a smooth and mellow finish.


If gin is your choice of poison, 52eighty’s American Small Batch Gin might be your calling. Its profile boasts aromatic juniper and citrus with a smooth spice. Made from citruses and native herbs, our Gin is perfect on the rocks or mixed with tonic.


Before you hit buy, check the fine print and make sure 52eighty Distilling and other vendors can ship to your state. States such as Alabama, Oklahoma, Kentucky, and Utah have stricter laws surrounding alcohol distribution, meaning you are not permitted to receive deliveries of alcohol. So, remember to be mindful before finalizing your purchase and familiarize yourself with the rules, exceptions, and regulations specific to your state.

In Colorado and 46 other states, online alcohol ordering from retailers is permitted as long as you can provide a valid ID at the point of order and an adult signature upon delivery, so make sure you’re home and plan accordingly.


Ordering alcohol online is a fairly new concept, so if you’re unsure… There’s good news! Switch Vodka and other 52eighty spirits are available to pick up at multiple grocery stores and liquor stores. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in the Denver area that serve 52eighty beverages.


You can now find Switch Vodka at Whole Foods in Highland Ranch and Boulder in Colorado. Whole Foods is known for quality products that prioritize sustainable and responsible sourcing, which is why they often work with local suppliers that have values that align with theirs. It’s no surprise why they carry Switch Vodka on their shelves. Whole Foods also offers a curated selection of wine and spirits that include well-known brands and as well as unique finds suitable for any casual kickback or special occasion.


Other retail stores carry 52eighty spirits and Switch Vodka. If you aren’t in the delivery range or are unable to sign for an order, you can always head off to the liquor store.

We are in a lot of locations across Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and many more places to come.

Use our ‘Find Switch’ tool to find a store near you.


There are multiple bars, restaurants, and taprooms that serve 52eighty’s premium selection of gin and whiskey. You can also enjoy drinks like Switch Vodka with some bar grub or a fancy dinner.

Again, you can use the ‘Find Switch’ tool on our website to find a restaurant, bar, or taproom that serves Switch Vodka near you.

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Switch Vodka and 52eighty Distilling

52eighty Distilling is a Colorado distillery specializing in hand-crafted spirits. Our lineup includes a selection of blended whiskeys, gin, and of course, Switch Vodka.

Through using innovative technology and locally produced ingredients, 52eighty is committed to producing the highest-quality liquor, consistent in every bottle.

You can find our products in liquor stores and bars in Colorado, South Carolina, Nebraska, and Oklahoma. If you live outside these states, however, you can purchase your favorite 52eighty drink online and have it conveniently delivered straight to your door. Just make sure to check your state laws and read the fine print!