Warmer weather is upon us and if you’re looking to get that “Summer bod” back, you’re probably watching your calorie intake when it comes to food and drinks – especially alcohol. With seltzers and “lite” beers being the latest trend in allowing us to enjoy alcoholic beverages while also watching our weight, we’re here to tell you there are other healthy choices when it comes to choosing a light alcoholic beverage. Vodka – especially Switch vodka – is a healthier way to enjoy an alcoholic drink while not feeling guilty about it. Because of the way we make Switch vodka, it’s a healthy vodka that will keep you looking and feeling great.

healthy vodka cocktails


First, let’s consider the benefits of any clear liquor. Clear liquors like vodka contain fewer congeners and compounds.

During the fermentation process, vodka doesn’t require or produce any sugars. That’s why it is called healthy vodka.

A study published in Circulation noted that wine and vodka both have heart-friendly properties.

According to writer Lucy Baier, there are healthiest alcoholic drinks than others.

These are her top six:

  • Regular vodka with soda

This beverage is under a hundred calories a glass, it is little wonder why hosts call it a healthy vodka beverage. Choose Switch Vodka Light and see how the calories diminish. Try a squeeze of lemon or lime for a calorie-free flavor.

  •  Dry red or white wine

Wine is between 84 and 90 calories per glass. Be sure to check the calories. Avoid sweet wines. The drier the better. If you opt for a spritzer you will cut calories by half or two-thirds.

  • Ultra-Brut champagne

Champagne is low in calories. Ultra-Brut means ultra-dry so it contains only 65 calories.

  • Mojito

A sugar-free mojito is just 168 calories per glass. If you enjoy a refreshing rum cocktail, mojitos are a great choice with healthy muddled mint and lime. Hold that splash of sugar or use a sugar substitute.

  • Whiskey on the Rocks

This classic cocktail is just 105 calories per glass. If you crave hard liquor, serving whiskey without sugar cuts calories. Serving it on the rocks slows alcohol consumption.

  • Bloody Mary

Perfect for brunch, this drink is only 125 calories per glass. Skip the mimosas. Tomato juice is full of vitamin C and potassium and has only twenty-nine calories. Switch vodka has a light, unflavored version which is perfect for Bloody Marys.

healthy vodka drinks


If you are going to treat yourself to a refreshing summer drink, Switch is a “healthy” choice for several reasons.

  • Lighter Alcohol Content

First, its alcohol content is lighter than any other liquor—including regular vodka. An ounce-and-a-half shot of the Switch Vodka contains a mere eighty-three calories. The flavored varieties contain only eighty-six calories.

  • Clean Distillation

When it comes to distillation, the Switch Vodka distillation process is cleaner. Switch’s state-of-the-art, cutting-edge iStill distillation process uses pure, Rocky Mountain water. This process produces a very highly reliable level of consistency and extreme energy efficiency.

  • Chemical-Free

Some liquors are full of chemicals. Chemicals are part of the manufacturing process. They are part of the ingredients. Research by Tuma and Casey shows that the enzyme, alcohol dehydrogenase, converts alcohol into acetaldehyde. This is a highly reactive and toxic molecule thought to hasten liver damage.

But, the ingredients used to make Switch are all-natural and the distillation is chemical-free. Skip the fake ingredients.

  • Pure, Natural Flavors

For flavoring its Pomegranate Lemongrass and Peach Basil vodkas, Switch uses real fruits and herbs found here in Colorado. We use reverse osmosis filtered pure Colorado water. We extract the fruit and herb flavors and use a vapor infusion technique in our distillation process to give you the purest flavor.

  • Gluten-Free

Switch Vodka Light is gluten-free. For those with gluten intolerance who search in vain for gluten-free liquors, look no further. Switch Vodka Light uses natural, gluten-free ingredients in production.

  • Eco-Friendly

Switch Vodka Light is environmentally friendly, too. The iStill distillation is very energy-efficient. We use reusable packaging for our products. Our glass bottles are durable and recyclable. On average, glass bottles have a smaller footprint and environmental impact than aluminum or PET containers.

  • Cocktail Creativity

The delicious, all-natural flavors of Switch Vodka Light require no additions. Really! Forget the chasers. However, you can get as creative as you wish, mixing different flavors with what we’ve mixed with Switch vodka. Why not try Switch’s easy, appealing cocktail recipes? Then, put your creative juices to the task? Make unique witch Vodka Light summer drinks.

  • Cut Calories

You lower the calorie content of those summer beverages by choosing Switch Vodka Light naturally-flavored drinks. You can use only low-calorie mixes. Either way, you will decrease the likelihood of those nasty day-after hangovers. You’re also kinder to your body.

healthy vodka

Of course, you want to do whatever keeps you healthy. But, you also want to enjoy the magic of summer with family and friends. Switch Vodka Light can help you do both. It really is, relatively speaking, a healthy vodka.

If you crave a light, crisp, refreshing summer cocktail, you can’t get anything tastier, lighter, or better for your health than Switch Vodka Light. There are no sugars, no added calories. There’s just Switch Vodka with its lighter-than-other-liquor content.

Whether you’re at the beach, on the patio, or camping with your friends, you can make wise, healthy choices by choosing sugar-free, all-natural Switch Vodka Light for those refreshing cocktails.

As we focus on our “summer bod,” we take into consideration what we put into our bodies. When it comes to alcohol, vodka is a healthy option. When it comes to healthy vodka, Switch vodka is the choice.