A question we’re often asked is:

Why is this such a better tasting vodka than anything else we’ve ever tried before?

While people often think it might be because our vodka is distilled using melted glacier water from Antarctica, the truth is much simpler than that.

Switch vodka utilizes an iStill distilling process. This modern approach to vodka distilling allows more control over the process than ever before. With intelligent automation, we’re able to produce a very high-quality vodka with a near-perfect level of consistency.

iStill vodka distiller


What’s so special about using iStill? Well, an iStill is the modern version of how spirits are distilled. Think of old, traditional ways of doing things, like the printing press or carriages. Sure, they carry a certain romanticism and art form in the modern world, but there are more technologically advanced ways of printing and transportation that make us more efficient – Tesla, for example.

With an iStill distillation machine, we’ve been able to modernize the art of vodka distillation by being able to really “dial in” the process and recipe to perfection. It gives us the opportunity to really look inside the distillation machine and process.

Is it cheating? We most certainly don’t think so. We tend to think of it like making a great-tasting dessert recipe that you liked and saving every detail to a computer, to make sure you get it right every time. It all comes down to a science – the better you are at measurements, temperatures, and timing, the better tasting the result. When it comes to distilling vodka, the iStill allows us to have full and control and pin-point every specific detail, to a near-perfect flavor and consistency. Hence the better tasting vodka; we want to make sure it’s the highest quality of vodka that we’ve nailed down to a science.

vodka distillery warehouse


After years of experience doing consulting work for distilled spirits and having worked with distilled spirits, the CEO and founder of iStill, Drs. Edwin van Eijk, or “Odin,” computerized what he had learned and improved upon. Since the iStill invention, Odin has perfected the art and science of distillation all around the world – without compromising the quality of spirits it distills. The iStill can produce all types of spirits, including rum, gin, whisky, brandy, and our personal favorite – vodka.


The iStill allows us to perfect multiple steps in the vodka-making process, thus producing better tasting vodka. From mashing and fermentation to actual distillation, we can rest assured that each drop of Switch vodka has a consistent, crisp, and fresh taste.

iStill distillery machine


We load up our all-natural ingredients to the mash tub. It’s kind of like a washing machine, in that it’s fitted with agitators that break down the components.


The iStill is one of the cleanest machines when it comes to the manufacturing of distilled vodka. It is most efficient at preventing bacteria from ever growing in our vodka-making process.


The mash is then poured into another tub where it ferments the same as it would in a traditional distillation machine, just over a shorter period of time. In this tub, the enzymes in the mash are converted into ethyl alcohol.


The ethyl alcohol is then pumped to vaporization chambers called stills, where the alcohol is put through an intense heating process and the vapors are released. Distillation removes all impurities while the vapors are condensed and rise through the stills where they are concentrated.


The concentrated vapors are pure alcohol, which is about 190 proof – unsafe for consumption. Water is added to decrease the amount of alcohol to 30% in Switch vodka.


Our better tasting vodka is then bottled into 1-liter glass bottles, and separated by flavors (some of our vodka is distilled using real Palisade peaches and basil, some vodka is distilled using pomegranates and lemongrass, and some is straight vodka).


We are also proud that our iStill is over 90% efficient in its energy use. The Switch lifestyle is all about improving everything around you from what you put in your body to your impact on this planet. With our iStill distilling process, the aim is to do things the right way – and not by cutting corners or costs.

Curious to see the iStill and vodka distilling process? You’re always welcome to stop by our distillery at 52eighty Distilling/Switch Vodka and try our better tasting vodka.