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Vodka is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks out there. Distillery branding is one of the most competitive industries out there with a plethora of vodkas to choose from. Whether you enjoy it on its own as a shot or mixed with other ingredients for a refreshing cocktail, vodka can be enjoyed for all kinds of occasions. However, as with many alcoholic spirits, too much can be detrimental to your health. One major risk that too much alcohol, such as vodka, can cause is weight gain. Fortunately, there are low-calorie vodka drinks to order at a bar.

low calorie vodka drinks to order at a bar

We understand that many vodka drinkers also care about living a healthy lifestyle. If you’re a vodka lover but worried about the number of calories some drinks contain, Switch Vodka is here to help — at home, or at the bar! Here, we will be focusing on some of the best low-calorie vodka drinks you can order at the bar. Read on to discover some great vodka-based beverages that you can enjoy and not feel guilty about!


If you’re starting a health kick or already on a diet, balancing healthy food with your favorite alcoholic drink can be pretty tricky. This is why you must think about what you’re drinking when on a diet, in addition to what you’re eating. It’s important not to over-drink, and it’s also important to pay attention to what kind of beverages you’re putting in your body.

After a long, stressful week, it can certainly be difficult to limit your alcohol intake or to not crave a sugary, unhealthy cocktail. It’s important to note, though, that alcohol can certainly slip you up on your diet. It’s hard to think about what you’re drinking, in addition to what you’re eating on a diet, but it is crucial.

Furthermore, after a few drinks, you are more likely to indulge in some poor food choices too. This is why you should not go overboard with drinking while on a diet or any time for that matter. Being responsible with your alcohol choices has so many benefits beyond just dieting reasons.

The key is to be careful about what you’re drinking. Try to stick to lower-calorie drinks. Alcohol such as beer (around 149 calories a pint) and a range of cocktails (e.g. a Manhattan holds 160 calories on average) can definitely lead to those calories building up.

low calorie vodka cocktails

Vodka can be a great option when you’re on a diet. It is a low-calorie liquor, especially when you compare it to other spirits such as rum or whiskey. Light vodkas in particular often contain zero carbs and sugar. Although vodka straight up is the best option, some other low-calorie alcoholic options include:

  • Red wine
  • Light beer
  • Dry vermouth
  • Champagne

Many beers, wines, and most pre-mixed cocktails usually contain far more calories than vodka. While sticking to a straight spirit is your best bet for keeping the weight off, straight liquor is definitely not everyone’s taste. Fortunately, there are some low-calorie vodka-based drinks to order at a bar to keep those calories down. Let’s take a look at some below.


Here, we have a list of low-calorie vodka drinks to order at a bar. And, best of all, you can enjoy the low-calorie vodka that we produce here at Switch Vodka with each of these drinks.


We start with a delicious drink that goes down well wherever you are and whatever the occasion is. In general, 80 proof vodka contains 64 calories per ounce. This equates to 96 calories per shot. When it comes to flavored vodkas, you are truly spoiled for choice. They are practically everywhere! They are great for mixing with other ingredients, or simply on their own when you’re looking to sip a delicious spirit.

The majority of flavored vodkas use natural and artificial flavors which do not add any more calories to the drink. Take our fruit-flavored vodkas here at Switch Vodka. We offer Peach Basil and Pomegranate Lemongrass, which are both infused with real, locally sourced fruit flavors. There is nothing artificial about our vodkas as the fruit flavors come straight from real peaches, basil, pomegranates, and lemongrass. 

If you find straight vodka is a bit too strong for you, no matter the taste, you can ask the bartender to add some club soda or a dash of cranberry juice. The total number of calories in an infused-flavored vodka on the rocks with a twist adds up to only 96 calories.


The famous Cosmopolitan can be low on calories when made with care and the right ingredients. Instead of using artificial, sugary sweeteners in the mixer, use natural cranberry juice instead. This makes the calorie count lower, and you can enjoy some real nutrients from it.

Sporting just 150 calories (a bit higher than the others listed here), you could see the Cosmopolitan as a treat you deserve now and again.

best alcohol to drink on a diet


Even with low-calorie vodka, it can be tricky to achieve an overall low-calorie drink when you add juices that are packed with sugars. A Seabreeze is one great exception.

This cocktail contains vodka, cranberry juice, and grapefruit juice. This drink is available in just about every bar out there. Typically served in a tall, skinny highball glass, a Seabreeze not only looks great but is also very refreshing. Just make sure that when you order, you ask the bartender for mostly grapefruit juice and just a splash of cranberry. One ounce of grapefruit juice is only 11 calories while one ounce of cranberry juice equates to nearly 20 calories. When you include a shot of 80 proof vodka, you don’t just have a tasty cocktail, but you only consume 113 calories. 


This is one of the simplest low-calorie vodka drinks. Ask for a vodka soda and the bartender will simply and quickly mix up a shot of vodka with a club soda and a squeeze of lime. That’s it! A skinny, low-calorie vodka drink to order at any bar consisting of fewer than 100 calories.


With a light mix of vodka, some simple syrup, and fresh lime juice, the Vodka Gimlet is not only a refreshing cocktail but it is very easy on your waistline too. It’s a take on the classic Gimlet but with the added twist of vodka. The elegant cocktail is easy to order at bars and the average one holds only around 105 calories.


These are just some of the best-tasting, low-calorie vodka drinks that you can easily order at practically any bar. Combined with our specially made low-calorie Switch Vodka, your waistline can stay in shape while you enjoy the delights of a vodka-based drink when needed.

healthiest vodka cocktails

Here at Switch Vodka, we focus entirely on a healthy lifestyle. Wondering how you can incorporate vodka into a healthy lifestyle? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that vodka can in fact be enjoyed as part of a  healthy diet. That is why our vodka is designed for people who care about what they put into their bodies.

Our light vodka does not include any artificial or unhealthy ingredients. Our all-natural ingredients and low calorie and carb count make it so that you won’t have to experience a dreadful hangover the next day. 

Find out more about our unique distilling process that makes Switch Vodka taste so good right here. Plus, click here to discover where you can find our products!